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A short story

A short story that i wrote: 

The witch told the teary eyed little boy - I can grant you just one wish. The boy pointed to his heart & told her that he wants the suffering inside to stop. His heart pains too much. The crooked woman said that he has two options. If she stops the pain, he'll stay a little boy forever. If he learns to deal with it on his own , he'll be an iron man. The little boy blinked back tears & never saw the ugly witch again.

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lol I should be writing my paper but this is more interesting :P

Anyways, ahhh the story of options and being courageous (spelling?)...I like it! It's to the point which is the most interesting part!

Oyye, you came? ....*dies of shock*....I have been writing these shorties for quite a few days but am not sure if you were reading them. Haha. And what paper are you writing? Sometimes, i wonder if university stress is taking a toll on you?....*confused munh*

Yes, the boy chose to be a man and the witch didn't even need to do anything. Haha.

God bless you.


Yep the boy chose to face it and be a man

O teri! Lennzie, you came? Lol. Am glad to see you 'coz your prove my intuitions right. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yeah, the boy chose to be a man. The witch and the boy did the right thing.

Love and luck always,

GOD bless you.


Nice story............Good that boy chose to be man. U writing is so impressive..........Short, yet impressive.

Yeh Dil maange more.

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